Druce Vertes

Druce Vertes is a tech veteran, quant analyst, developer, tech strategist, CTO with leading hedge funds and Wall Street firms since 1992, consulting on machine learning, alternative data, predictive analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get an update when a new post comes out?

A: I tweet about my new posts on my Twitter @streeteye account. There is also a RSS feed.

Q: How did you build this?

A: This site uses Jekyll, GitHub pages hosting, and is based on the brilliant Lilian Weng's Lil'Log blog which uses the Minima theme. I just tweaked a few things.

I migrated from WordPress and before that Movable Type. Advantages over WordPress:

  • Host static pages on GitHub, don't need to run a server or patch WordPress and plugins periodically.
  • Better support for MathJax, interactive charts, code blocks.
  • Edit in Markdown instead of WordPress HTML or GUI editor.
  • Depends on your theme but compared to my ancient WordPress theme, hopefully more responsive design.

Feel free to clone it, and maybe let me know of any cool things you add. I would love to integrate Bootstrap for access to some additional UI components and maybe slightly better responsive layout on mobile. If you do anything like that especially let me know!.