We have been going through the stages of coming to terms with GOP berzerkers. 1. Denial: “They’re just posturing.” 2. Astonishment: “Wow, some of them are dumb enough to believe their own BS.” 3. Facepalm: “I can’t believe they’re actually going to do this.”

As matters now stand, Boehner managed to pass a Frankenbill, which is apparently the least conservative thing he can get through his caucus, implements a small short-term debt ceiling rise, with another rise contingent on tax and entitlement reform and a balanced budget amendment.
A complete nonstarter and immediately nixed by the Senate. So Reid will pass a bill through the Senate that doesn’t give up another hostage. A comparison.
Hopefully, the House will pass that, with Democrats taking the place of defecting Republicans. But if too many Republicans defect, or the House GOP leadership is cowed by the Tea Party, we could be back to square one and imminent government shutdown.
Complete madness.
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